Kenny the Movie Poster

KENNY  a movie Review

There are plenty of films out there with the same idea. One could argue that there are no such things as original concepts anymore. Nowadays it’s all about formula. But suddenly something new comes allong and becomes a phenomenon. But before you know it Hollywood makes a bunch of inferior copies faster then you can return a dvd rental.

One might say KENNY falls under such a catagory. But it’s not Hollywood. It’s Austrailien! I read about the existence of this movie in my EMPIRE magazine a while back. From what I could gather the movie was a Mockumentary about a man who works with Port-a-potty compny known as SplashDown and that he was the hero.

Not a super hero or anything like that, just a blue collar, stand up guy. EMPIRE made it sound like movie was worth checking out so I did. It’s not as hillarious as Borat like the film’s cover may suggest but this movie has a much deeper and profound and almost thought prevoking quallity you would not expect from a film that has a glorious amount of “shit” jokes in it.

It starts with the quote,

“None is more invisible then what people choose not to see.”

Then we are introduced to the title character Kenny who quite simply is a nice guy. Innocence is the word I’d use to describe him. As well as cuddlely like a big teddy bear. Aw heck, you’d think so too if you saw the movie.

There’s a rather obvious metaphore throughout the movie. Kenny has to put up with allot of Crap. Figuritively and Literally. His personal life is a mess. His ex-wife shows him no respect, his father thinks he should get a real job, and pretty much everyone outside of work are practically afraid to touch him due to the nature of his work. Would you shake hands with a guy just fetched out your wedding ring from a pool of human fecies? None the less Kenny never talks back. He never looses his positive, can do attitude. You feel sorry for him not only for the way people like us treat him but also to the extent in which he accepts it. He practically denys himself justice in order to keep the peace.

It’s in the second act of the film you really start to love him. He’s suddenly the fish out of water traveling to Nashville for an Outdoor Toilette Convention and it is purely by his good nature he begins to find the kind of success he truely deserves.

Another thing I should touch on is the acting. I seriously don’t know for certain if this was a mockumentary or not. The acting was so genuine you believed every word and everyone. The man who played Kenny’s Dad was really his dad. His brother was really his brother and his son was played by his actual son. In a way there was no acting required but kudos anyhow.

This simple film is such a gem I don’t wanna give away anymore details that could ruin the expierince. So if you can, just go out get it. You wont regret it.

Honorable Mention is an actual Documentary titled My Date With Drew. See that one too. Then you can see how cute we men can be.


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