My Date with Drew

My Date with Drew Poster

My Date with Drew Poster

I’m a softy. But the truth is I totally relate to this guy. Who couldn’t? He’s the everyman doing what everyman does fall for a girl that’s out of his reach. We’ve all been there. What if said girl was the object of you affection your whole life? Since you were a little boy you have dreamed of being with her. What if you never even physically met this amazing girl but somehow know that destiny will bring you together? What if this particular girl is moviestar and you’re just some nobody?

That’s the premise of this wonderful documentary. Now one thing you have got to remember is that this is not a Hollywood big budget production with actors and everything. It just happens to take place there. This is real life. After winning a game show (the winning answer being the titular Drew Barrymore) Brian decides to put his new found 1,100 dollars into a unique project. Make a movie about his attempts to get a date with girl of his dreams. All of his friends pool thier resources and he embarks on a adventure to win her heart.

I love this film. It’s got this geuine feel good feeling all over it. Brian is a such a delight to watch. He’s everthing a romantic leading man needs to be. Handsome enough and very witty. You not only love this guy you love his friends too. They really want to see him happy and do everything in their power to make it happen. I left this movie thinking “I want that!” But life isn’t allways ups and it shows in this movie. Brian has no job and is barely making ends meet so somewhere between his commitment to this rather personal project he’s looking to get his bread and butter. There’s even a scene where he has to confront his ex-girlfriend and you suddenly feel the tension.

One thing about this film is you never quite know where it’s gonna go. I mean, it’s a freakin’ documentary. Nobody sat in a studio and told a writer to write a happy ending. Yet the film feels so perfectly like a romantic comedy that you truly forget about that fact that this isn’t fictional.

I gotta mention som highlights. Two moments stuck out for me. One was when he suddenly realises that he should go on a practice date first so that he doesn’t completely embarrass himself in front of her. So why not hold an audition for a Drew Barrymore look-a-like? Hillarious! Then things get really intense when they attempt to sneak into the Charlie’s Angels 2 premier. A writer could never come up with what happened that night!

This film is so sweet you just might get diabeties. It’s a film men and women can enjoy together or seperately.. but preferably together. It’s a few days late for Valentines, but tracking this one down and watching it anyday is worth it.


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