Top 5 Rainyday Underrated Tv-shows for Dudes!

Got nothing to do? Maybe you feel like having a night in. Wanna be entertained? I got five tips for tv shows that are garanteed to make you crack a smile.

PSYCH (5 seasons)

“Are you a fan of delicious flavor?” I know I am. Nothing hits the spot quite like Psych.

PREMISE. If a guy who had the same abilities as Sherlock Holmes walked up to you and told you everything you did today you would probably think he was a psychic, if you believe in that sort of thing. Shawn Spencer (James Roday) has spent just enough time under the tutalidge of his police officer father that he can stand. Thanks to his weird childhood he has the ability to be hyper observant and makes bold assumptions making him appear clarvoyant. As it turns out he’s often right and one day is forced to convince the Santa Barbra Police Department that he has these powers to avoid getting thrown in jail. Smelling a good scam he opens a Psychic Detective agency with his long time friend Burton Guster (Dulé Hill). Together the solve mysteries from the mundane to the “supernatural”.

GUY CANDY: One word says it all. BROMANCE! This show reeks of it. The chemestry between the two leads is wonderful. You really get a sense that they would do anything for eachother… while bickering like little girls all the way.

10.0 on the GEEKTOR SCALE One thing that is frightfully obvious about the show is that everyone involved has a love for movies tv show and pretty much anything the 80’s had to offer. If you’re like me you’ll love all the obscure verbal refrences and loving homages to some of the most iconic bits of entertainment of yesteryear! It’s actually become thier thing, with certain episodes dedicated to be their version of “the Exorcist” or “Friday the 13th” or even “Twin Peaks”.

ONE MORE THING Every episode manages to work in pineapples. I’m not kidding, check it out. It’s like a game if you can find them all.

CHUCK (4 seasons)

PREMISE Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) is your standard Peter Parker type who is cursed with “great power” and finds himself with a great responsability. Instead of arachnid like extra features he’s got a secret government database known as the INTERSECT downloaded into his brain. Planning on selling nucular weapons to terrorists? With the Intersect Chuck can “flash” on you allowing him to know everything on file about you and use that knowledge to take you down. But he can’t do it alone. He needs two NSA agents Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski Mass Effect 2 fans should recognize her) and John Casey (Adam Baldwin of Firefly fame) to  help and protect him. Sarah is assigned to be Chuck’s handler/bodygaurd and does so by playing his girlfriend. Chuck, of course has the biggest crush on her and the “will they wont they” begins.

GUY CANDY This show pretty much cracks open the skull of everyman and gives us what we wish for in life. Hot girls? Check. Espionage? Check. Action/Comedy? Check. Romance? Check.. wait what? Yes, I dare say this show is romantic and protrays romance from a man’s perspective. Yvonne, will you be my wife?

9.5 onthe GEEKTOR SCALE What truly makes this an empowering watch is that Chuck is in fact a geek himself, and it is through his nerdish leanings he saves the day… or as the case may be the world. He is smart and uses his cunning to out wit his enemies. Like for example fooling his foes into thinking that they are surrounded by swat teams by letting them hear his good friend talk about what his plan of attack is…  for a “swat team” based video game. Being true to yourself is the key! Much like Psych this show loves to make refrences to geek pop culture, but doesn’t go out of it’s way to pay homage and instead focuses on it’s genre.

ONE MORE THING The show can get emotional, but it’s not a drama. Some elements can get silly but it’s allways been more of a comedy anyway. Spoiler Alert!! Season 2 ends with Chuck getting an “upgrade” allowing him to open up a can of jelly kung fu whoop ass!

CASTLE (3 seasons)

PREMISE Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion, also from Firefly) is a successful mystery novelist and after being brought in as a consultant on a case involving his novels for the NYPD he becomes inspired by Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) to write a new series of books with her as the model for the lead character. Through his connections with the mayor he manages to score permission to tag along with Beckett on her cases. She however doesn’t like the idea of being shadowed but soon relises that Castle can not olny be a handful but also helpful.

GUY CANDY The title character does live a lifestyle any guy would love to be accustomed to. Unless you are allready accustomed to that lifestyle. But if you are a geek like me you know this show allows you to live vicariously through Rick Castle. He’s rich. Dates supermodels. You know, the little things. He’s comfortable enough both financially and with himself to be a big kid. I want that! Not to mention Stana Katic. She seems like a real woman. Not Hollywood sexy. Real life sexy.

7.5 on the GEEKTOR SCALE He may not look it but underneath that rugged extirior beats the heart of a geek. His bank account allows him to take his passions to a whole new level. Castle is a fun character to watch, if they are working on a case involving egyptian artifacts in a museum, he’ll be the first one to put on the nearest fedora and open the sarcoficus. Even the music composer is in on the joke reworking the show’s familiar tune to refrence classics like Back to the Future, the X-Files, and even Sex and the City. Hey the fact that I even know that makes me a geek.

ONE MORE THING For those of you expecting this to be BONES, it’s not. Even though both male leads had starred on a Joss Wheadon show before, and I’m sure there are more comparisons, it’s just not somehow. For some reason I never gave that one a chance. Yet CASTLE manages not only to be funny but in some episodes down right susspenceful!

HUMAN TARGET (2 seasons)

PREMISE Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) is the guy you call if you are in deep trouble. Is your life in danger? His team of experts will eliminate the threat by puting you in line of fire, forcing the bad guys to expose themselves. A human target gets the job done.

GUY CANDY This one is for the action lovers out there! I was pleasantly suprised how awsomely inventive the action sequences are in this one. For a tv show they really pull out all the stops. I forget that this isn’t a feature film only because of the 40 minute running time. He’s flying a 747 that is on fire and decides the best course of action is to turn the plane upsidedown! Out of context it sounds kinda weak, but it’s friggin’ sweet! Season two adds two new female characters which help bring down the testosterone a notch and crank up sex appeal on a more regular basis. Not that this show ever really had a lack of babes to begin with. Chance is the retired professional with a heart of gold which is in it’s self a cliché but he’s got enough goofy humor to make him feel different. Who wouldn’t wanna be a jack of all trades type with connections everywhere?

He’s a Guardian. Not an Angel.

3.5 on the GEEKTOR SCALE Remember show’s like MacGyver? If you watch ’em now they are kinda painful unless you got nostalgia goggles on. This show remembers how you felt watching those shows and gives you it’s updated counterpart. Another thing worth mentioning is that the show is… based on a comic book! GASP! I never read it but from what I gather it seems to be very serious and doesn’t have the humor of this series.

ONE MORE THING Jackie Earle Haley as Guerrero is something feirce. Laidback and chill, but also calculated and cold blooded. At first I didn’t know if he was one of the good guys.

THE GOOD GUYS (1 season)


“Crime is like woman who wants your attention. You just gotta pull out your gun and…”

Detective Dan Stark (Bradley Whitford) sees the world a bit differently. He’s a man’s man. Fast cars, faster women, and cold steel in the palm of your hand meant swift justice! He’s suddenly paired up with Detective Jack Bailey (Colin Hanks, the spitting image of his father Tom.) who has big dreams but does everything by the book. Together they work property crimes. Not very exciting… or is it? Somehow, however minor or mundane a crime they investigate they manage to uncover a much bigger threat. Can Jack throw out the rule book and punch crime square in the nuts? Dan will make sure the answer is yes.

GUY CANDY Buddy Cop series? I dunno how they did it but they managed to take the movie formula you love and turn it into a tv show that feels fresh. The character of Dan Stark is a parody of manliness, viewed from 70’s cop show stereotype’s perspective. Yet you completely buy into. For example he hits on women allot in the series. The women that he genuinely attracts, you actually buy that they fall for him. I’m not one to use overused rap terms but the dude’s got swagger. On top of that his methods of crimefighting rely either on dumb luck or tricks he’s learned from years of expirience. Another theme explored is partnership. Work with someone long enough you know how they think. that in it’s self can save a life.

2.5 on the GEEKTOR SCALE Well this one is basically a straight up comedy with action in it. If you love characters like Frank Drebin you’ll appreciate this. Dan drives a sweet ride so car enthusists have some thing to gawk at I guess. If your a student of film, you’ll enjoy the fun story structure. We begin with the middle of the story and go back to earlier in the story to see how the characters got there. Some thing would happen and then we go back a couple minutes to relive the event though someone elses eyes.

ONE MORE THING This show manages to make the weekly bad guys as funny and entertaining as the regular cast!

These shows are still on the air so start watching the reruns, buy the dvds, support the shows that are actually good! Otherwise we are stuck with crappy reality shows or scripted series that start out good but lose it’s appeal eventually. I’m looking at you THE CAPE.