Confessions of a swedish idol…

So today I got a call from guy I haven’t heard from in a long while.  Let me explain. The year was 2008 and I was looking to get into a filmschool up north, in a little town called Kalix. There was a weekend test we were gonna take to determin if we were welcome or not. During this weekend all of these other students would come up and ask you questions, you know the usual. Being a former contestant on the swedish Idol awards you allot of curiousity. Word spred that I was on campus kinda fast. One guy said “Another one?” I was like, “What’s he mean ‘Another one’?” and the guy told me to wait right where I was. He then introduces me to my future friend and fellow Idol ullumi. Jens Pääjärvi.

I’ve hung out with him only a few times but eachtime i’m amazed to realise that he is one of the few people that knows what it’s like. To be a reletivley famous B-celebrity who’s claim to fame was a televised talent show years ago, and who wants to be taken seriously as an artist. We share the same pain as well as triumphs. We both work regularily as artists here and there but we want more.

He’s got a girlfriend from Alingsås so everytime he’s in the area he gives me a call. Which is nice. It’s pretty funny to have two guys from the same tv show(allbeit different years) sitting across from one another sipping a beverage in the same café. Anybody who’s like a superfan just might go nuts.

Just thought i’d share that with you guys and also it’s official.. I got the tickets to Stockholm. In exactly one week I’ll be having an audition for Wallmans. So wish me luck.

Smell ya later!

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